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Hydrographic Surveying

LH&J is equipped with three company owned vessels, including the airboat pictured at right. Our in house fleet allows our in-house survey crews to survey virtually any marshes, terrain and waterways that are typical throughout South Louisiana.

Boundary Surveys for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Properties

LH&J maintains comprehensive property ownership information throughout the Parishes in Louisiana and our three Professional Land Surveyors have extensive experience in applying Louisiana’s unique property ownership laws and survey regulations to determine and locate the limits of property ownership for numerous residential, commercial, industrial and municipal properties.

Construction Layout and Verification Surveys

LH&J frequently provides construction layout and as-built verification surveys both before and after projects are constructed. Our professional staff is accustomed to working to high levels of precision to provide clear and accurate horizontal and vertical controls for construction projects to help ensure they are built to the plan and specification requirements. We routinely perform post-construction verification surveys to document the as-constructed conditions and locations of new improvements.

Topographic Surveying

LH&J employs state of the art GPS-RTK equipment to save our clients time and costs. This modern survey equipment allows our survey crews to rapidly obtain precision data in the field that is accurately and seamlessly downloaded into modern computer software which we use to prepare maps, drawings and survey plats. Our automated data acquisition and data transfer methods allow us to develop highly accurate 3-dimensional models and computer generated drawings in the minimal amount of time to facilitate timely engineering and development of projects design documents.


Roof Mounted Base Station RTK Antenna

LH&J GPS-RTK field equipment is integrated with our in-office base station equipment through a roof mounted antenna that allows constant real time two-way communications to improve both the accuracy and efficiency of the field data acquisition equipment.